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Ross and Rachel looking for baby names.

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by ButteredUp


by ButteredUp


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Edible Chocolate Legos


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 by Making Magique


 by Making Magique


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Castle crew on Twitter + describing Stana’s water scene in "In the belly of the beast"

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make me choose: luvcbalways asked morning/sleepy castle or writer vest castle

bonus ‘cause kb is so adorable :’)

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do you ever have the urge to tell someone to shut the fuck up even when they aren’t talking


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cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread

cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread

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I think what haunts me the most [about the famous formal homecoming picture of me as Laura Palmer] is that a lot of people thought it was my actual homecoming picture in real life. [laughs] I would like to clear this up…I was never homecoming queen.
The picture was taken specifically for the TV series to represent Laura Palmer, not to represent Sheryl Lee.

- Sheryl Lee

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